What should I do with my accrued Paid Time Off hours at work?

I really want to use some of it for a personal day, but I also want to save it for later because my sister's baby shower is going to be in September and the baby is due. in November so I'm guessing I'll need it for the arrival of the new baby. What should I do? Should I bank it for the shower in September and the arrival of the new baby in November, or use some of it now?

My sister's boyfriend was wanting me to go with him to Charlotte for a festival of Nascar Drivers so he could get some autographs, but I have to work but was planning on taking Paid Vacation time that I already accrued. But my sister said I have to be here to drive her to and from work and get my brother from work. They are 22 and 20 so they should already have their licenses in a perfect world. So I guess those plans are shot


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  • That depends on how much time you have accrued at this point. If possible, you could take off for all three days.

    • I have thirty hours accrued right now. By the time November rolls around it will be double that possibly. So I think I'm going to hold on till November since I know I'm going to possibly need it then

    • Sounds like you took some more time and figured things out then.

    • Well, the way I see it. Charlotte has another race in October. They will be back to do all that stuff then. Charlotte will always be there and it's 70 miles away. A new baby happens only every so often. And this may be the only one for awhile.

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  • I thought baby showers were traditionally women only events