Can something happen for calling someone a stalker online but it's not true?

It's some guy online I'll never see in person and he's in another state. Our argument started 4 years ago.

At first he would sometimes follow me to insult me on fb and then someone made him stop, forced him to even apologize to me.

He stopped and hasn't done it ever since but I never got over that forced, insincere apology nor how he treated me so I started insulting many of his YouTube videos months later (starting in late 2012 till feb this yr) by creating a couple different accounts, following his fb and insult him. Even followed him on a playing site and spoke to him under two different user names (one I would be nice to him and another I would be mean).

Needlessly to say somehow he found out this Feb. it was me all this time. But kind of made others believe he's my online stalker. This time it's not true. I did it to ruin his reputation online and keep filling profanity and insults.


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  • False reporting is a criminal offense.

  • Nothing will happen to you legally. You didn't break any laws. However, that doesn't make what you did okay. It's actually pretty creepy. What was the point of doing it? Pleasure? Payback? Whatever it was, look where it got you. Next time think before you do something dumb like that.


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