Why do people in western culture racist?

I am an Asian grown up in Asia and in my country (I believe it is the case for all Asian country where people do not originally speak English) if there is a white visitor, people will treat them extremely friendly and provide every help they can because people do not see white people in Asian and always remind curious about them. Whereas in western culture people are so racist towards Asian people, both explicitly or just keep it in hearts and do not reveal it easily, especially those who lives in small towns far away from the cities they are so unfriendly and during my study here I ll get disguised only walking through the streets and people will just throw bad vicious eye contact to you for no reason wtf. Why is that the case I wonder?
Did Asian do something wrong and caused bad influence in western societies?
You are the one who invaded us and failed in history = =


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  • I think they are just jealous.

    • I hope they are just jealous and nothing will be in need of justification and people just can ignore the behavior of racism...

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  • Giving you an evil eye is nothing compared to being groped in Asia and hounded for money on the streets.

    • You shouldn't even be visiting a redneck town anyway.

    • I guess you are right. A redneck is a redneck forever...
      It is just sad I thought only older stubborn people are rednecks but turns out young people are too

  • That's just the way people are... Everyone has misconceptions about the varying cultures of the world but the fail to realize that we are all human beings and The human race is the only race... Skin colour, hair texture and nationality are just denominators for segregation And the only thing that really matters is people...
    Just ignore the stares and comments...

    And if you can't move to the 'land of six people' trust me you won't feel discrimated against

    • Yes but only white people say it out loud, spreading it on media, and teach their children that Asians are less better. In any culture, if a man do not like another they won't say it and express it on the outside so I do not know what s going on with western culture on this. Is it because freedom of speech?

    • The only explanation I have come to accept when it pertains to racist comments from white people; is that even though the new world is free and slavery no longer exists in the minds of white people we are still living in colonial times... Where the white were deemed to be superior to everyone else... If you do not look like them you are automatically an enemy no matter what you do for them...

    • = =...

  • Curousity appears differently.

    In Europe we stare at what is different. Especially in the country side. Even I as a white European can walk into a village bar and the whole room will turn and stare at me. Also most people might not be able to talk to you. I don't know if you speak the local language there, as I don't know if you are in an English speaking country). They might just be scared. And they don't do it neither. Maybe they want to approach you and talk to you. But are too scared to make mistakes. Don't forget White people don't really have the reputation to treat people from colour well (*slavery*).
    Even if they do speak with you. They might not know what about. They will try to talk about what is obvious - You are from Asia. They might make inappropriate jokes (as jokes are a way to disguise fear), and they might not know that they hurt you. Frankly speaking, if there is a person, who is kind of approaching you but appears racist to you, ask that person. Maybe it is just a misunderstanding. Don't be too scared to save face, if that person really is a racist, that person doesn't deserve to have their face saved.

    The thing is, we are scared of what we don't know. And we don't know Asia. White people however, are always preceived as good. Mainly, because most beauty standards outside of white-people-town, favour lighter skin. Also we do face racism there. Different kind though. (well once they throw pee outside of a window in Beijing, or the taxi drivers just didn't take us, because we are white, or they overcharged us...)

    But the worst racism I experienced, is when ever I felt like I have no chance to be included in a group. When people called me white, instead of a person. (Or now my only white person leaves.)

    And typical misunderstandings for me: (which still hurts me, even though I know the meaning behind it)
    Oh you have such a light skin (thank you for just telling me I look sick in my culture)... Or you have such a long nose (thank you for telling me my face is ugly in my culture). Sometimes things are just misunderstanding.

    • It is their fault do not think too much about it…throwing pee wtf = =…
      The taxi driver did not take you is normal the reason could be they had experience with foreigners who cannot tell them clearly where to go, or they are choosing customers it is normal and happen to local people so frequently that they only wanna drive to a certain direction and they see they cannot communicate that with you they just give up…And they overcharge everyone vulnerable it is not a racial thing, it is just they are bad people, like what they do to domestic travelers you just have to expose it.
      Thanks for all the other insights…

    • You don't need to defend them. I know why they didn't take me (also I can speak Chinese). At that time there was a huge propaganda against white people there... And it was lasting for a whole week (every taxi driver)...

      But the overcharging is also a racist thing. They believe just because I am white, I am rich, which I am not. Also they asked for Dollars quite often... Anyways...

      Just saying Asia is not racism free.

    • Thats so awful and funny at the same time...

      I get your point now..

  • Lets see here i'm a japanese girl who was born and raised in the United states but my mom and dad are both from japan. you need to remember that a lot of bad shit come from places in Asia mainly china with their super lead filled shit that kills/makes our kids/dogs sick. also the sweat shops and stuff dont help and over populations and even the worst polution on the planet is in Asia. but i disagree with you a lot more racist Asians are around you then you think. i went to china once and everyone there disrespected me and my family for no reason. let alone the United states. its all about what YOU notice and what YOU dont notice.

    • if you want to know where my family is from in japan its Osaka

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    • you do realize we are kinda forced to do business with china due to a dept.

    • That is not what i mean...
      I just wanna pointed out if you spend that less to buy something no matter from where the quality will positive correlated to the money you spend no matter the seller is China or anywhere else... A cookery from a departmental store will of course better than it in a dollar shop it is your choice where do you spend your money. It is the governments fault not spending enough to improve quality of living instead they spend too much on national defense such as how much they spent on the jail systems = =

  • Everyone in the world is prejudiced against people that don't look like them. It's not necessarily malicious but it's something that we should all work to change about ourselves in the interest of treating others with kindness and respect.

    • Yes you are right but at least if an Asian discriminate a white, it won't be that obvious to let the white know, not even mentioning it on media = =

  • well... Asians r not muslims... and there r always racist people in every country, so just pay no attention to them

    • What does it to do with religion..

  • I'm white and I've heard many other white (and black) people who have visited asia say that they experienced a lot of racism against them. Especially in China. So what you're saying is not true.

    • And I do not understand why...
      Is it because cultural differences?

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  • there's a lot of countries in the western world man. i dont know about many of them, but here in belgium we dont generally do that.

    • I focus more on English speaking countries and I believe that it is better environment on this issue in Europe for some reason.

  • Did you mean "why are people in western culture racist"? You can't exactly do racist. You really can only BE racist. With that being said, not everyone is racist. As for why those that are? Probably because they listed to the media and believed them instead of taking the media's stories with a grain of salt.

    • Totally agree not everyone is racist. But I just think it is a shame that it was for the benefit of everybody to live in an integrated world with so many races and it can never happen in Asia where there is no common language. Then it turned out to be a negative thing when everyone is affected by the anti racial influence that other race cannot really get accepted, function and contribute their unique parts to the society as a whole. I personally think even a city contains people from 100 countries, 50% of time they just hang out with themselves and the integration is useless = =

  • You've been brainwashed by all this " All whites are racist " crap !! Racism comes in all shades , have been attacked by a group of blacks that started on me many years back , because of my race... until I swiftly KO'ed the mouthy leader ( had just finished Taekwondo training. Ironically , some of my black friends located & beat up the other 2 !!

    • I only have had experience to say that. If I do something wrong accidentally people around me not my race would say look at that Asian shit they all like that and if a white person makes the same mistake no one would say anything about it. I am not a hater I am a victim...

    • Some black people are gangsters and I am glad you won.. in my city nowadays a group of African black people are so active these days and we are all afraid of them...

  • Trump gonna bomb Hiroshima again and leave long lasting effect bahahaha

  • Maybe they came back tell villagers
    There are many Asian staying at them without showing any expression.
    Just stare at them and one step further others would close to white over that one. The result is that compress the white the Asian still stare at them without expressing anything.
    They are very scared.

    • Sorry for mis-spelling many words.

    • There is no way that people do not show expression to each other otherwise they cannot live together = =
      I think most people failed to realized how cultural difference can separate us without realizing it

    • No worries

  • Western culture is racist against asians? Really? Have you ever been to Western countries?

    • Shorter dick = = small in body features, bad driver... stereotypes in TV shows that they use wired Asian actors to reflect how they perceive Asians... I ve been in Australia for 5 years and I even get to know a lot of negative things like these have brought so much trouble to Asian kids growing up in western world. Of course they are exceptions but one example on this issue is enough to determine an racist act... But I do not really care about it I just wanna know the motives behind racism = =

    • So TV stereotypes are your proof of racism and ills and horror?

      And Australia, you might have a tougher time there. Fifty years ago if it weren't for the USA, Japan would have taken a lot of Aussie territory.

      There's a college called Bob Jones University, in South Carolina. They used to ban interracial dating... it started after a horrified Asian couple called in, furious that there son had "almost married a white girl."

    • So you suggest noe one is actually racist? Is that even possible?

  • blacks, indigenous peoples and Asians were once
    slaves of the Caucasians and it's amazing how they trained them
    to be racist against themselves in a place they were raised in
    and you kept us caged in
    destroyed our culture and said that you civilized us
    raped our woman and when we were born you despised us
    gentrified us, agent provocateurs divide us
    and crucified every revolutionary messiah

    • You are talking an extreme but I agree it on the raping women stuff because everyone knows what is yellow fever and girls are retarded to be happy to be fucked = =

    • It's from immortal technique's 3rd world.

  • Thanks to immigration propaganda The West has developed a sense of its own xenophobia. While Eastern behavior reflects a more distancing version Western tends to be more aggressive.

    • It is just retarded that western culture tend to receive low class societal contributors or even refugees with no limitations and place lots of restrictions on getting highly skilled people and then to hate the former and think it is their fault that they are the burden of the society ahahaha

  • You are the ones who shot us in the back at Pearl Harbor.

    • Japan were the common enemy all against most of the Asian countries even though it is just history now...

    • The Japanese still don't like us. Hell, we rebuilt their country after WW2. They ought to be kissing our ass, throwing down palm fronds and singing Hosannah !

  • White people visit and then leave. Asians sneak in and stay and then moan that nobody likes them

    • You are talking about refugees kind of people right, I do not like them either they only seem to hang out in Asian communities and do not get much from other parts of the society and I do not know why they even want to stay here like that.
      There lots of white people in Asia too it is just the Asian culture is on different languages even there is media you do not get to know anything right about Asia except for the important ones like politics.. which you obvious do not care much..

  • First, I have never seen the suspicion you report against Asians. Blacks yes, Asians no. Secondly, why are your people deferential towards whites? I don't know, but that makes THEM racists, not the whites. Third, having conquered makes you the winner, not the losers - sorry.

    • Yes no one (rarely) physically hurt an Asian like they were used to slave the black but it is just a civilization thing instead of a racial thing.
      Second, we being deferential is just because for those who live in western culture we are only the guests of your country and we will not do anything to break your rules that is just being respectful but it seems like people do not perceive it. That is the basic manner.
      Third, really irrelevant now ahaha

  • Oh really, yes some of them are but you can't generalize. by the way can you truly say that people of your country equally treat a caucasian American and black american?

    • I know only some of them are but walking on the street I feel like everyone do not count me as equal as them

  • I've never noticed it. I treat all foreigners with respect. If their having a hard time speaking English I tell them "you're doing fine, I could understand you" even if I barley made out what their asking.

    • :)That is so nice of you to treat everyone normal and equal

    • Thanks, their a guest in my country.