What does it feel like to swim with a wetsuit?

I've never done it before but I bought one recently and I'm just wondering if it is really different than swimming in a bathing suit. Thanks!


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  • You will float much more easily and be buoyant.

    1. Neoprene? How thick?
    2. Is this for surfing in colder water, diving, or what?

    • https://i.imgur.com/I46aSBE.jpg

      Here is a picture of it! It says thickness 5/4/3 but I don't know what that means!! For surfing/paddleboarding

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    • That's what I thought, I was going to practice in a pool first before taking it out but I'm still a bit nervous about looking weird lol...

    • You might even need a "weight belt" for the surf if you are really petite. (For scuba diving, you absolutely would need this).

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