The father, the son, the holy ghost and the devil - Do they constitute a trinity in four parts?

The devil exists to do God's dirty work, to be hated, loathed and despised. To be the bad cop. Every satan does is allowed by God, therefore God wishes it to be so. He just can't do it himself or people will see he is malevolent.

So could this be another interpretation of the characters?

  • Yes. Seems about right. God split his personality so we don't all hate/blame him.
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  • No. They are separate characters which can't be merged. God is only three faced.
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  • Other / I'm not christian / Isn't two faces too many...
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Anyone else?
Any other views?

Don't interpret it literally - by trinity in four parts I mean actually a cosmic foursome rather than a threesome held together by that magic god juice.


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  • Christians are too chicken shit, so they must blame some other entity for all of the evil in the world. They wouldn't dare put the blame on the omnipotent one... or else.

    • Christians who do that are not Christians. I was never raised to say 'the devil made me do it' or anything like that. My parents taught me whatever decision or choice I made was up to me and me alone. No one can nor will force me to do anything.

    • @EllieLexis513 You're missing the point. The OP is talking about god being the strings behind satan... which he is. And Christians who have read the bible and who have some common sense left being either too stupid or too afraid to admit this. Christians are worshiping a troll. What he's doing with satan is similar to the adam and eve situation. He uses satan to trick humans and is the cause of all that is evil because it is he who have all the power. He even admitted this himself. Nothing happens in this world without it's consent. "Free will" or not.

    • rofl, okay, you clearly have never took the time to really read the Bible if you honestly think that god created satan for the sole purpose of tricking humans.

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  • Trinity.
    Tri = 3
    Therefore... it cannot be in four parts.
    It saves lives.

    Also, the Devil does not exist to do God's dirty work or to be hated. Satan was one of God's angel, an angel of music (Phantom of The Opera anyone? No? Okay...). He exists to serve and follow God, but decided to tell God to stick it where the sun don't shine.

    Also, the Devil believes he can rule the world better than God. 2 Corinthians 4:4. Satan is the ruler of this world. God, being a fair God, accepted the Devil's challenge, thus why sin runs rampant. Don't have to like it, but it's there in the good ol' book.

    • "God, being a fair God, accepted the Devil's challenge"

      Fair to Satan, not to humans.

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    • Or the bible could be lying about God's true nature...

      God could have hidden the the devil is part of himself.

    • "What are you talking about torture?"

      What's hell meant to be? Agonising? Infinite punishment? For not getting down on your knees for the universes greatest egotist.

  • I'm not religious by any means, but in it's name you can find that there are 3 things, hence the word "tri", not 4.

  • The devil is something else, not a part of God's plan. It's in everyone of us and fighting him makes us in the path of God, at least that's what Christians believe

    • God created him though, and God has infinite foresight, right?

    • The devil was a former angel, so indeed, he was created by god, however you can also say that adam and eve didn't follow god's path, so it's the same story

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  • Then why the fuck even believe in God if you fully acknowledge that he is malevolent?

    • Right, because malevolent things don't exist...

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    • Well that's really a matter of personal opinion. I guess if you love someone you want them to succeed in something important even if it is hard and painful. I'll ask him when I meet him. :)

    • @Redshift I'm just using technicalities. Sure, a person may want you to succeed and thus won't treat you like a prince. But said person can not be all-loving then.

  • It's quite a conundrum. If God is all-powerful, then he could destroy Satan and prevent evil from being in the world. Assuming that he IS, then he is evil himself for not doing so.

  • You over think this

  • Father=Mind
    Holy spirit= Spirit

    Satan=Corruption/separation between the trinity

    • Or the glue that holds it together.

    • I dont think Satan is the glue
      Satan may be a tool. A tool of evil to show/set example, a lesson in the worst of the world.
      In that sense, maybe Satan can push people towards living a pious/moral/righteous life or persuade people to give into selfishness desires and perversion.

  • Manichean heresy. Can't make the devil co-equal.

    • Well 1/4, not a full 1/2...

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    • Can't it be four in three in one?

    • The devil would then be co-equal, that's Manichean. It's resurfaced many times in the history of Christianity, notably with the Cathar heresy. That's the one where, when they were about to storm B├ęziers the papal legate told the army commander who had asked how to tell the heretic from the orthodox, "kill them all, god will know his own".

      The Cathars had another interesting tenet which has become very popular recently with the political left particularly, antinomianism. The modern form basically takes the view that if you believe in the right things you can do no wrong.

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