I dont see a point in my life?

If you ask me I want to do as soon as I wake up everyday , My answer would be " I dont want to do anything , whats the point? "

I think I might have depression.

But I want you to answer this question without taking depression into consideration , cause Im trying to understand all the possible reasons for me feeling this way.

Im 21 , I think I have social anxiety , Poor , I earn Close to 68 $ a month as a HR intern , My mom works at a Cafe , in the Finance Dept as an Assistant Accountant and earns close to 260 $ . Dad left us.

I've had social anxiety and panic attacks but only recently did I realized it was Anxiety. HR is pretty hard to do for me , as I need to socialize a lot. I only work in HR because it didn't require much qualifications

I do not like working in HR because of my anexiety and that I have to answer so many people. I also do not like working there as the I have no interest in the field , I only work in Hr because it was the easiest job to get , With Highschool education and close to 300 $ on courses and I could land an Internship.

I actually dont know what job I want to do as I jumped to a job staight from highschool , But I always liked working with HTML , Photoshop and VideoGraphy/Photography, but do not have the funds to get the education to follow a job in those paths. No Offense to HR people , Its just not my job and all the stuff I said are of what I understand of the job.

Anyway thats a bit of info on me for you to get an Idea.

What do you think is the reason for my life being target less? I cannot help but feel , "whats the point. I will die anyway "


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  • You took the easy route.

  • Help other people, that's what we are here for. It's not about you, get over yourself.