How Does My Voice Sound?

Another version: (This one sounds shaky, so I almost didn't use it)

I don't sing often, and I have never taken lessons. Actually, this is the only song I ever feel comfortable singing, because I can drag the words out and add my own "style" to it. Does that make it worse? I know at some points it sounds a little gross, like when I said "issss." I haven't gotten a chance to redo any of it because I am rarely home alone. This was just in the moment, since I felt like singing. I didn't warm up or practice.
- For those that love the original song, you'll probably hate this version...
- I know it's really quiet. Use headphones.

I'm actually really insecure about my voice, so I never use it. Growing up, hardly anyone could understand what I was saying. By singing this slower than it normally is, I think I've managed to pronounce the words correctly.

  • It's good.
  • It's alright, needs some work.
  • You're tone deaf!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's kinda cute man. Very soothing. You have a nice voice :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • You have a good sounding voice, but you need to practice hitting the notes better. You get there eventually but you kinda slide into each note rather than actually hitting it on. Maybe this is just a preference of style, but you also trail off on your notes so you don't really maintain a strong sound throughout the piece. Like each change you seem to start off stronger/louder but a bit off key, but then when it softens you slide into the right one.

    • It's just a preference. The way my ears hear things is much different than a recording of my voice. When I just sing it, it sounds normal, but it doesn't if I play it back. I drag it out because I don't really care about making it exact to the original song. I just sing however I choose.

      If I had more time alone I could practice. A problem I've noticed is how shaky my voice can be sometimes. Since I'm in adolescence, the pitch changes often.

    • Well that's how it always is. What people hear as their voice in their own head is actually pretty different to what other people hear when you talk to them. Has to do with how the sound moves through your body to your ears.

What Guys Said 1

  • Your voice is fine but your singing could use some tuning. But I can't say with what since I'm not versed in the subject. But it's hard to really say since you're pretty quiet.


What Girls Said 1

  • it would probably be better if you had some background music. a capella can be hard. i don't think you're tone deaf, i just think it would be better with background music of some kind.

    • The song I was singing is much faster. I went acapella so I could drag it out and add my own style. If I sung it normally, it'd be hard to understand the words.

    • yea i listened to the original. i'm sure you could find some kind of slowed down instrumental on youtube or something.