Game time:Guess who?

In this game you will need to go Anonymous and post three facts about you. Once someone guesses correctly you have to come out of anon. And i will guess you likewise.

I will go first.

1. My home state bleeds blue and is very mountainous on one end and flat on the other

2. you might enjoy frequent articles I write on here.

3. I sometimes makes people gain an appetite.

Who am I?

Oh yeah I forgot you can't come out of anonymous anymore


Most Helpful Girl

  • My intuition is saying smahala1991
    I want to become a licensed practical nurse, possibly advance to a registered nurse
    I want to travel the world and won't settle down and have kids until I do.
    I LOVE dark chocolate.

    • Yes! And you're Ginnyweasley97. That was so easy haha in fact too easy 😄.

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    • Thanks for MHO

    • Welcome, yours was by far the easiest for me haha.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I know you're Smalhalaz.

    Ok, here's mine:

    1) I'm a New Yorker
    2) I regret choosing my G@G username
    3) I Love sushi

    If you can't guess who I am, I'll follow the first person who does (and I've never followed anyone first)

    • DogersGM

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    • Yes i am

    • Hahah. You only knew who I am because I just answered your other question. Lol.

What Girls Said 17

  • 1. I'm 23
    2. I want to travel around America and Europe
    3. I like writing myTakes on here but I'm not an editor

  • Smahala (omg please let me have spelled that correctly)

    1. I have a beautiful face, not rotting at all.
    2. I like learning about different cultures and religions, at one point, especially Hinduism.
    3. I eat a vegetarian diet.

  • 1. I try to answer as if I am speaking directly to you.
    2. I wrote my first MyTake recently for the contest, and I kind regret it now. (lol)
    3. I'm left-handed.
    4. I reported this question for nonsense (just kidding)

    Good Luck, Motherscratcher! :p

    • Apple24

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    • Oh cool, honestly I never would have guessed. and. how do you know Im him?

    • Thanks, and yes.
      The second and third one gave you away, lol.

      The third one made me think of the fried pickles almost instantly, lol.

  • 1. I love men with LOTS of muscles <3

    2. I think Sweet guys are the best!!!

    3. I love Dairy [Cheese is #1]

    Who am I? ;)

  • 1. I am cat person.
    2. I never posted my picture on GaG.
    3. I am sweet tooth.

  • 1. I'm a huge cunt
    2. I spend my entire life on here
    3. I never have anything useful to say

  • Film

    • Hmm sara is part of your name

    • no..

    • Hmm no more guesses for me then I give up

  • Who dat?

  • 1. Own a Chinese dress.
    2. Avoid walking on cracks/spaces in side walks.
    3. Was drum major in high school.

    I'm going to guess that you're smahala1991.

    • Right, im going to guess RJgraveytrain

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    • Hookingswan

    • Nope

      She lives in Portugal and her boyfriend is from another country. :P

  • 1. I'm northern European.

    2. I'm vegan.

    3. Most of my questions are fitness related.

  • My mum's Italian

    I place loyalty above all else

    I workout 6 days a week

    ( guess who I am 😇👿)

  • 1. I'm highly critical.
    2. I love sushi.
    3. I never block people for having a different opinion to my own.

  • 1) I have a normal name with a year attached.
    2) I am from the US.
    3) I post all different categories. But a lot in the relationship and family categories.

    • Umm ashley1996

    • Yes! Very nice!

    • I Just now seen the update. Lol oh well

  • 1. When I was a teenager, I totaled three cars in less than a year.

    2. When I was a freshman in college, I marched with the marching band in Obama's Inauguration Parade

    3. Less than two months into my very first job, I was present at an accident at my workplace that sent almost thirty people to the hospital

    • Ok I give up on this one )

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    • Its Charismatic110

    • Lol, no, EllieLexis513 and the wrong one is number 1. I only totaled two cars. No, I'm not joking.

  • You're smahala

    1. I'm American
    2. My best friend is British and I love all things British
    3. I love to workout.

    Too easy I think.

  • LOL @Apple24 xD jkjk I don't know

    OK here

    1. I wish to travel and be an author
    2. I write a lot of articles, I'm generally very active
    3. I generally provide intelligent and well thought out opinions whenever i can.

    • Ginnyweasley97? Or Sweethomocidialqueen

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    • Just call me Stephen. I'd rather use my real name anyways

    • Haha okay Stefen xD
      Just call me Jade

  • I'm terrible with spelling names correctly on here so I'll ask this: does your name start with an S?

    1. I love to draw and paint.

    2. I have a color in my name.

    3. I actually don't think too many people really know me on this site. I maybe talk to 4-5 people.

    • Yes you're Azuregirl right

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    • Yes you are right

    • Yay! :D

      I got it from the second and third ones. Because of your food MyTakes lol

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