Does it mean I have low standards if I find many guys I come across with to be hot and boyfriend material?

I'd say i'm quite pretty to be honest and i'm not desperate. But, does this mean i have low standards?
All i really look for is :
good hygiene
decent clothing
nice hair (not too long but not bald either)
nice smile
nice eyes
sweet guy

i can't think of much more lol and most guys i come across with on a day to day basis have all that and more. I've also had 7 boyfriends in my whole 19 years of living if that counts and i'm not a virgin. I don't want to think i have low standards though because my parents have taught me to always look for the best in a potential partner


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  • No, absolutely not. It means you're not picky (but not a slut either) and like lots of different people. You don't judge which is a rare (I think) and wonderful quality. I'm the same way when I look at women. I go to girlfriend material right away and then if they prove otherwise then they're not.

  • Who can say? You may just be around a lot of educated men.


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  • You've been busy and practicing. No.