What about know world war 1?

what is your opinions and What you know about war thank you

and Who are anzaks?


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  • Germany were the good guys, everyone turned on them for going to war with the separatist movement of serajevo. Germany wasn't allowed in the peace talks at the end of the war where the allies inflicted huge levys and bankrupted Germany. Which caused nationalist movement and the rise of Nazism and Hitler.

  • that the British fought in our backyard AGAIN.

  • Australia New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC.

    I know about a books worth off the top of my head, you will have to be more specific.

    My opinion is it was an enormous waste of life and effort and that it destroyed the old world order and ushered in the modern age of doubt in Western Civilization.

    • and Canada anzac too?

    • No, Canadians had the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The British called their army in France the British Expeditionary Force commonly contracted to BEF.

    • Canadian soldiers come istanbul for war u know

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