Have you ever had experience with getting a "revenge body"?

Say you got in shape or lost a bunch of weight to spite your ex or to be hotter than someone else to make them feel shitty? If so what was your experience?


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  • Hmmm, I would be lying to you if I said my ex wasn't at least ONE of the factors for me getting into get shape.

    It ultimately came down to 3 things:

    1 - Getting in shape for myself
    2 - To prove to all my naysayers wrong
    3 - To show my ex up

    I can't deny that it doesn't feel good when someone sees you and you're WAY different than what they remember, you see it in their face, especially if you put in the hard work and they see you several years later.

    There's a saying "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

    That's not entirely true. Some people are able to harness anger productively, steer it in the right direction, use it to attain new heights and reach peaks they never thought possible. What most people ultimately don't realize is that because very few things burn hotter than anger, it makes for some DAMN good fuel.

    • That last paragraph... yep.

      If you ever meet ANYONE who's turned a shitty life around, that's probably 90 percent of it, right there.

    • @redeyemindtricks Agreed.

      Although anger makes for excellent fuel, if uncontrolled, it will ultimately consume the person and twist them into something very ugly on the inside. I've seen it happen and unfortunately, very few things can reach a person at that point. I won't lie, I have a little experience in the area and I'm glad someone was around to show me what I should NOT become.

    • Mmhmm. seen both sides, many times. it's a thin line

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  • It's a myth. Even if you get in shape after a break-up, the ex never falls to their knees and screams "Oh my god how could I let that go!". And if they wanted you back just for having a hotter body, how vain are they, and they didn't really like your personality, did they, because they dumped you? So how does that make them feel bad? It's better to focus on doing things for you, not being petty and trying to get back at them. It won't really help you move on.


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  • My high school friends with benefits went full bish mode and went no contact when I was 16.. Actually ran into her just two months ago. Feels goood maynee. Didn't start bodybuilding because of some dumb sloot though.


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  • Tbh that's the dumbest motivation to get in shape.
    What if they don't care? You're just gonna get fat again?

  • Why would anyone go through such lengths just to seek revenge. Fuck other people you should so things for you no one else.

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