NON- BELIEVERS please answer?

For those of you who do not believe in the bible and consider it to be just a book of fairy tales:

How do you explain the fact that of the HUNDREDS of prophecies in the bible, not a single one has failed. Some of the notable prophecies include:
1) David's portrayal of how Jesus would die by crucifixion 1,000 years BEFORE crucifixion was even established as a punishment.
2) How could a mere human pinpoint the birth town of the messiah 700 hundred years before it actually happened?


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  • Listen dude. It's up to YOU to prove to us that half that Bible crap is real. Not us. If I said "there's an invisible purple cow in the room", it would be up to me to prove it not you to disprove it.

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    • These prophecies do just that. How were those men supposed to forecast events that took place hundreds and thousands of years before they happened?

    • Think Lalawethika.

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  • I'm sorry but you're just very poorly informed. First of all, there are tons of prophecies that never became true. Just a few examples:
    Ezekiel 26:7-14
    Here God explicitly states that Nebuchadnezzar would completely sack and destroy the city of Tyre and that Tyre's land would never be built upon again. However, this never occurred. After a 13-year siege, Tyre compromised with Nebuchadnezzar and accepted his authority without being destroyed. Despite being conquered and razed by Alexander the Great 240 years later, Tyre still exists.

    Ezekiel 29:8-15
    God sets out a checklist:
    - Egypt and everything from the tower of Syene to Ethiopia will be desolate and waste
    - God will own the Nile
    - No humans will walk through Egypt
    - No animals will walk through Egypt
    - Nobody will live in Egypt for 40 years
    - Egyptians will leave Egypt and be scattered among other nations
    - After 40 years of scattering, Egypt will be repopulated by the scattered Egyptians
    - Egypt will be a weak kingdom, and will never control "the nations"
    This passage is one of the most erroneous in the Bible. Since Ezekiel was penned, Egypt has never been a desolate waste, there has never been a time when people have not walked through it, there has never been a period of forty years when Egypt was uninhabited after the civilization started there, and it has never been surrounded by other desolate countries.

    Ezekiel 30:12
    Here the bible claims that God will dry up the Nile. According to scientific recorded history, such an event has never occurred.

    Now, let's get to the reasons why you might have heard the prophecies are true. The most frequently used argument to refute the things I've just listed is to say "But it's symbolic!" When you think about this, it's actually a ridiculous statement (any yet, many biblical scholars have used it). It basically says "When God says he will do X, he REALLY means to say he'll do X or Y or Z or W or V... it's hard to tell" Well, I'm sorry but that's not how prophecies work. And here we get to the core of the issue. There are RULES that prophecies have to fulfill to be counted as prophecies:
    1. The prophecy has to be ACCURATE. If I make the prophecy "tomorrow it'll rain", it must rain. Grey clouds are not enough.
    2. It must be UNAMBIGUOUS. If multiple outcomes are possible to make a prophecy come true, it's not a prophecy. In that case it's just a good guess.
    3. It must be IMPROBABLE. Saying "tomorrow it''ll rain" is also not a prophecy because it's not unlikely

    • to rain in May if you live in Europe or the US. Improbable would be if you could write a 5-page prophecy about a train accident that will occur on the 4th of November 2057 in Minneapolis, stating and explaining all the minute details. There's a reason NOBODY has ever been able to pull this off: it's not possible.
      4. It must be UNKNOWN at the time of writing. If you live in 2016 and you say "I already knew in 1980 that a airplane will hit the twin towers in 2001", it's not a prophecy. You're just adjusting the claim to things that have already happened.

      Maybe you've heard of Nostradamus. He was a medieval scholar who made all kinds of prophecies about our times. Some people think he was right but it's the same as with the bible. Nostradamus was extremely vague and it's easy to interpret him in hundreds of different ways. For example, saying that "Germany will once be on fire and there will be death and destruction" only sounds like WW2 because this already happened. Had WW2 never

    • happened, we would think Nostradamus was referring to a big fire or maybe a nuclear war or a contagious disease etc. Making up these kind of statement is not hard. Anyone can take educated guesses. I have yet to find a biblical verse where it says something like "On the 31st of October, 1517, Martin Luther, philosopher, theologian and priest and monk, born in Eisleben to Hans and Margarethe Luther will go to the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg and hang up his 95 theses. This will lead to a great struggle within the christian religion and the catholic church, eventually resulting in a bloody, 30-years war from 1618-1648 and ending in the split of the christian religion into catholicism and protestantism." THIS could possibly count as a prophecy (and even this would still be quite vague, you'd have to add more details how this struggle actually happened). There's no such thing in the bible and nobody, no christian, no muslim, esoteric "mentalist" has ever been able to make such a prophecy.

    • Apparently someone doesn't have the right Bible because mine has all facts and nothing less.

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  • I don't believe.

  • If someone told me that I would die at by a firing squad or something, I'd live my life like that and probably end up doing actions that would make me die like that
    Same thing, some cool kid so happens to pop up in the town and GGWP LOTR was better lol

    • So it means nothing to you that Jesus was predicted to die by crucifixion 1,000 years before crucifixion even existed? I find that hard to believe.

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    • Oh so it was just a coincidence the Jesus was born in Jerusalem 700 years later?

    • It could have been who knows but it's just Jesus lol a lot of the things in the bible are symbolic so who knows maybe jesus was too. There's still debated as to whether he even existed. And even if God exists, he kinda sounds like a dick honestly.

  • how did Leonardo Da Vinci draw a helicopter, how did William Harvey predict capillaries?

  • wouldn't have a clue in the slightest, all i know is that it is said that all of it was made up. i once read stuff out of the bible and to honest absoblutely anyone could have written it, i have never seen an old book of the bible that would ever prove to me for it to be true. i didn't read much out of one really...

  • Because they added that stuff. It's a work of fiction. It's not a matter of deciding whether or not the events depicted in the bible are historical facts. It is a fucking story.

  • For both i would say they are made up. I love religoin and learning about different ones

  • You answered your own question, it is just a book. Whatever you read is not true. There is no proof of GOD or Jesus. If I read a Dr. Seuss book and claimed it was so inspiring does that make it true and I need to create a religion? No. Books are books and nothing more.

    • What's different about the bible is that it's a LIVING book. The Bible is food you must consume on a regular basis. The Bible is not just a book. It's the one book that can bring you into eternity and it has been 100% correct 100% of the time.

    • @gratekate but how do you know? Where is the proof of any of these people or events?

    • Proof of the flood of Noah is on earth. How do you explain seashells and sea creature bones being found in the middle of continents?

  • Lol... People are so gullable.

  • In order to answers those we would have to believe those things actually happened to begin with...

    • The life of Jesus was well documented

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    • @gratekate this is why you can't have a rational debate with a Christian. Your answer to everything is "the bible says so." If the bible said that the moon was made of cheese, you would defend it to the death.

    • @VicarioVivere but the bible doesn't say that so I don't have to defend it. At least I have rules to live under because He cares for me. He wants me to allow others to find him, and once they do their lives will be blessed. That's one way I can say I know God is true. I lost all my friends in Highschool and I got to the point of almost taking my life, and I prayed for God to guide me because I was giving up. I asked for him to give me something to live for, and he blessed me with my best friend that I have today. I know it's not coincidence I found her as a friend, God knew I needed it and he helped me for the better

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  • The thing is, all religions have certain things in common.. Great disasters brought about, and a "savior" to free the people. As I see it, all religions are worshipping the same thing, but under different names. The name "Jesus" is one interpretation, among many. Specific events about him, may not be as specific as the bible wants you to think.

    I won't be going into details here, but as I see it, every religion is right. But they went wrong somewhere along the line, and is now discussing what grass is called.

    I probably don't count as a non-believer though..

  • You are using the wrong arguments to defend your religion.

  • They just wrote the Bible in order to correspond with what was predicted in the oldest parts but they made many errors.
    Start with these :
    Go on with this:
    Consider this:

  • Arguing religion is dumb, it can't be proven.

    • Prove to me that it isn't true then.

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    • @NedfromtheNed I know what you're saying, but neither side can prove anything. You're arguing now just to argue and it's lame, I'm done.

    • "I know what you're saying, but neither side can prove anything."
      That is all i am saying. Forgive me if you read my message as argumentative.

  • Bible was written by the devil so who cares about the accuracy of his predictions if that's even what they are.

  • great, another one trying to force their religious believes on other people.
    yeah I'm sure this will go fine...

    trying to discuss this is a giant waste of time

    • I don't think eternity is a waste of time. Once you get there there's no going back, no I'm sorrys, it's a pretty important topic.

    • What? Who's forcing it on you? It's just a thought provoking question, that's all.

  • I'm an agnostic. Jehovah sounds like a jackass. he gave us the 10 commandments. "Thou shalt not kill" sounds nice. But oh No! He later basically ordered the deaths of thousands for not fucking the way he wanted. Fuck him. Jesus was cool though. He stood up to for the helpless. I respect that. But the bible is rubbish.

  • Look man I'm a beleiver too and i can appreciate trying to share God's word with people but you are going about this all wrong.

    • So can you help me out?

    • How do you want me to help?

    • Tell me what I did wrong and how I can be better at spreading the word.

  • What verses are in question here for David's portrayal?

    • I know most, if not all are in Psalm, I just forgot the exact verses. There are multiple.

    • I need exact verses specifically stating that David stated Jesus would be crucified.

      You have the right to present your case but you can't just tell me to look through the entire book of Psalms. I wouldn't even know what I was specifically looking for since, as you said, crucifixion didn't really exist in that area at that time.

  • Whhhaaa... I thought you would bring out your big guns in trying to defend your precious fairy tale.

    Tell me, you don't believe in the "false gods", but who are they and why are you sure that they aren't "real" gods? And speaking of gods - which one of the two gods in the boring fairy tale called the bible do you belive in - Yahweh or El?

    Hope you pick the right one because otherwise the other one will stick a red hot poker up your anus, because he apparently loves you even though he does nasty shit to you. Also, don't venture into any muslim areas in the muslim infested western cities

  • Dude, you're argument is getting slaughtered hahaha

  • You do know that all the Christian holidays are borrowed from pagan religions, right? RIGHT?

    • False. The Passover isn't.
      As far as i know, at least.

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    • @NedfromtheNed ever heard of Judaism? Passover is a Jewish holiday.

    • @NedfromtheNed I'm taking about things like Easter and Christmas.

  • It was written after the events it foretold.
    Like 500 years after.
    It's great history book for that era.

  • when a book is written after-the-fact you can be right about anything.
    So your book that tells me what to believe is also is full of contradictions, bad advice and is full of rubbish.
    According to the bible I can sell my children into slavery, beat my slaves as badly as I want so long as they can stand after two days (so I can beat them so badly they are left unable to stand), women are to be subservient to men and should not be heard in your god's church and many other brutal vicious things.
    Oh and look at that: 0 things in the bible can be backed up by actual history.

    worship this god but do not look at his face.

    • You're discussing the Old Testament. The Old Testament was during a much, much different time period where traditions were different and rules were different. The rules were set accordingly to the time period. Jesus came back and fulfilled all of those.

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    • I have proved plenty. You are just too ignorant.

    • @NedfromtheNed ah name calling -the last resort of those who are defeated. Again you have proved nothing and clearly have no idea what proof really is.