What does this dream I had mean?

Okay, so last night, I had this dream that the guy that I like was on a plane with me, and the plane started going through crazy turbulence. He took my hand, and held it tightly and he told me not to worry, that he would never let anything bad happen to me, that he loves me, and everything will work out for us. In real life, this guy always fights for me and he really tries to always protect me. He has fought over me, he has defended me. He's a great guy. He gives me a lot of signs of being interested in me. Sometimes things are a little tough, but he makes me feel special. What does this dream mean?

I really like him, and he always does things to make me feel safe, even when things are hard.
He always saves me in all my dreams.


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  • It means that your inner consciousness is taking note of this person. Your inner consciousness is finding this person noteworthy.


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