How can you tell if a guy is attracted to you?

Not 'likes,' you, but is attracted to you.

How can you tell?


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  • More often then not you'll catch him checking you out but sometimes he will quickly look away when he sees that you are looking at him

    • When I was walking, this guy and his friend were coming and then suddenly when one of them noticed me, he just stopped talking. The other one looked at the ground shyly but continued on.

      I know the both of them. Did the guy who stopped talking have a bit of a crush on me or something

    • Probably it's definitely worth checking out find him flirt a little and gauge how he reacts

    • I do know him and have talked to him before. I got a little annoyed at him the last time and then hadn't seen or heard from him until that moment

  • If he gives you the your hot look (:

    • But if he can't stop looking at you it means he thinks your attractive

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    • Okay what about the opposite, how can you tell if a guy is not responsive towards you?

    • It means he's shy

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  • well if he's looking, then that's a good start.

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