I need a new phone. Any suggestions?

I currently have a ZTE ZMAX 2, and I was happy with it until a few days ago. Randomly while trying to type a text message, the cursor skips around and even sends random letters and fragments of words to the person I'm texting. The skipping happens at other times, as well.

I have tried multiple keyboard and SMS apps. I have even done a factory reset. Nothing has helped.

I really like the android apps, but I'm honestly thinking about jumping to Apple. Am I the only one with an android having these problems? Should I risk spending money on another android, or just get an iPhone?


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  • Have you tried SwiftKey?

    Sometimes it overrides words you want to say but is otherwise pretty cool.

    • Yes, I'm using that right now and banging my head on the desk.

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    • I got a Nexus 6P... Thanks!

    • Ah, a good choice!