Will using J K Rowling's spells in my own story make it a fanfic?

If I use some of the spells from Harry Potter while writing my own fantasy fiction will it still be called a fanfic? The story I'm writing is about magic, usage of wands and spells (not a lot of them). I don't want to write a fanfic. My story doesn't relate to any of Harry Potter's character by the way. I just wanted to use some terms and spells.


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  • Pretty much, yeah. Depending on how heavily you borrow.

    As an example taking Orcs from J. R. R Tolkien doesn't make it a fanfic even if they are quintessentially his. Reason being it is broad and widely used.
    Taking a Nazgul would.

    In a similar sense you could take magic, you could take the ideas of different schools of magic but the second you start calling out "Wingardium Leviosa!" you're in fanfic land.

    • So what should I do? Change the name of spells to make it more original?

    • And add something of your own. When it comes to the arts, any art, it is commonly known and accepted that everyone steals from everyone. Science works the same way.

      Levitating magic has been around since way before J K Rowling, calling out Wingardium leviosa and flicking your wand this then that way as you use it is her. Take that away and it is just plain levitating magic again. Which you see everywhere.

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  • Rename the spells and maybe change the mechanics to the spells a little.

    • I think I need to to do that. Still it would look as if I copied the idea lol

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