Can I get my ears pierce with my friend's mom but have my parents write a consent in Virginia?

I want to get my second ear piercing but my mom doesn't want to take me. My friend also want hers and her mom is planning to take us both. But if i just have a note that my parents sign without my parents being there, can i get my ears pierced? We're planning to go to Claire's.


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  • It might work with the note. Maybe your friend's mom cam pretend she is your mom to if they ask for consent. Maybe the note might come in handy if they ask for proof.

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  • If you value your piercing quality and health at all, don't go to Claire's for starters. They use shit equipment that can't be properly sterilised. You should never pierce with a gun.
    But yeah, I'd say you'd be fine with a note. Just pick a better piercer.


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