Why does everyone flake out on me?

So when I was a freshman I asked a guy to my school dance. I had left my phone in the house so I couldn't get his phone number so I just gave him my phone number. He said yes and he said he call me and he never did. So I thought maybe he just forgot. Luckily he just lived down the street so I walked to his house and knocked on the door. He had moved away so I figured that's why he flaked. I went to the dance alone. This year we started going to the same school. I found out he only moved a couple blocks over. He still lives within walking distance. I catch the bus right past his house everyday when I go to school. All this time I thought he flaked because he moved far away but he just moved down a few streets. So that was soul crushing. So now today I just found out my prom date is flaking on me. He's not answering my calls or texts or showing up to school. I called him today and he answered and hung up in the middle of my sentence. I don't get it. Why do they get my hopes up and then just crush them? I know I'm not the prettiest girl in the world but I thought that for once I could go to a dance with an actual date and feel beautiful and have a good time. I know you don't have to have a date to have a good time but, it was what I was expecting. He asked me to be his date. I was expecting to get dressed up, go with him, dance with him, and he fucking flaked. I should've know it was too good to be true. The attractive cool guys don't ask the awkward girls to prom. I don't even know if this is a question anymore. It's just a rant now. This has happened to me so many times before. None of my friends showed up to my childhood birthday party, my date to the freshman dance flaked, my prom date flaked, a guy that offered to take me on a date flaked. I know I'm not perfect. I'm a little shy and awkward, but am I that unbearable to be around?


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  • I'm sure not everyone flakes out on you, but it's just easier to notice the ones that do. Don't get discouraged!