Could I still get my permit at 16?

I have a friend who's 14 and he's already started driving, but I don't feel I'm ready just yet to take the responsibility of driving.

In Arizona, at 15 and 6 months old you are eligible for your drivers permit.
At 16, you are eligible for class G graduated license.
At 18, eligible for class D drivers license.

I'm 15 and 7 months old. I'm not ready to drive yet and I'd rather wait a bit. Would I still be able to get my permit at 16, or do I have to go straight to the class G license?


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  • You can still get your permit at 16 that's what I had to do.

  • How can your friend drive legally at 14 based on your local laws?

    • Ikr, my mom saw him pulling in with his dad in the passenger seat but he just turned 14 3 months ago. I guess his dad is breaking the law.

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