How much should I save up?

I live in Arizona and I want to go to Las Vegas, it is approximatly a 4 hour 32 min drive and I was wondering how much I should save up for gas, hotel, food and maybe other things.


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  • This depends on where you are staying at in Vegas. I would Google your route to Las Vegas. Figure out how much fuel your gas tank holds. Research the price of gas at the location where you intend to stop. Plan for $20 lunches and $35 dinners. How much are you going to gamble?


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  • The "maybe other things" in Las Vegas can vary a lot!!! ;)

  • really depends what kind of hotel do you want? vegas has a wide range of hotels under $100 per night to rooms up to $1000s. gas obviously depends on your car and the actual distance to vegas. for meals again it really depends. you can go cheap with fast food or cheaper options that may be $5-10 per meal or you can go restaurant style which costs from $15-? per meal

    I love travel and would definitely like to help. there are a lot of variables that depend on how you sort of what your trip to be

  • you're only gonna be in the hotel to sleep, so that won't cost much just get a cheap one.

    drive shouldn't be too bad on gas depending on your vehicle.

    the most expensive thing you'll have to save up for is your own entertainment. drinks, establishments, food, all the night life.

    • and yeah i failed to even give you a number.

      well if you plan on partying and going hard, save a decent amount just to be safe, like $800.

      if you're going to gamble, i wouldn't advise but hey its Vegas, just bring money that you can afford to lose, not too much, like $200 for gambling only, rest for everything else.

      if you're going to vegas just to relax and enjoy the city more than spending money, just bring like $400

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