Is it easier to be the less ‘best’ version of ourselves? I wonder if it is the better life?

Whenever I tried to be the best version of myself, I always felt miserable. Because I tried to be perfect but in reality I wasn’t perfect. I was stressed at school when I got good grades, felt suffocated when I said all the right things around all the right people, and felt empty inside when everyone thought I was that pretty, well-behaved girl that everyone would like to be with.

Sometimes when I’m without my make-up and I say all the wrong things because I feel like fighting about a cause I believe in, and when I’m not that great of a student in terms of I’m not completely into school, I’m actually somehow less serious.


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  • Sounds like you just misunderstood the term "best self".

    • Hmm.

      How do you interpret it?

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    • What did you study, can I ask that?

    • No. What you can ask however is whether the effort of an A was worth it. In my opinion, no, I worked ridiculously hard but realized I knew far less on the subject since I was practicing repetitiously instead of integrating the knowledge necessary to succeed.

      What good is an equation if you can't apply it?

  • Perfect is the enemy of good.

    • Wow. I looked it up, I love it. So much meaning in a simple sentence.

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  • It's easier, but not the better path. It feels bad at first, but as you start getting the benefits and succeeding things change and it get a lot better. I was miserable when I first started working out. I was sore, I had to push myself, and it was hard. I kept going though, and after a while it was just a part of my routine, and now I even look forward to it and enjoy it.

    I think what's happening in your situation is you're sacrificing who you are for an empty ideal. You can strive for being the best version of yourself without losing who you are at your core, and that's what you should try to figure out.

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