Why do I get bored of people so easily?

I've never really liked anyone too much in my life.

I liked my little brother without really feeling like my world revolved around him.

Never really wanted to get too close to my sister.

Same thing with my dad, I just wish everyone would keep a distance.

Liked my ex-best friend without thinking of her all the time.

Used to all this attention from both guys and girls but never really wanted to have many friends or genuinely enjoyed the attention from boys.

Is there something wrong with me?

Someone pointed out to me that I already have everything, that’s why I never really need anything.

I’m starting to believe it’s true.


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  • You're fine
    I'd say you're a "lone ranger" but you need Johnny Depp for sure so find one if you don't have one :P

    • Ha ha... when you said Johnny Depp I thought first of Johnny Bravo and was like huh?

      Johnny Depp ah.. I used to think he was really intriguing in Pirates of the Caribbean

    • Johnny Bravo is a douche 😂 but awesome
      Not a fan of Johnny Depp though 😜 lol

  • cuz you so special

  • I'm the same, we can be twinnies


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