What is the difference between Arabs and Iranians?


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  • Iranians are citizens of Iran, the country. It's not an ethnicity. Most people in Iran are Persians. Persian and Arab are different ethnicities.

    • Their writings seem similar, they look alike, and they are both Muslims (at least the ones i know)
      since i know people from Iran and also Lebanon and Syria and Palestine.

    • It might look similar to people unfamiliar with the languages, but they're two different languages: Arabic and Farsi. Most people in Iran are Shia Muslims. There are Persians who aren't Muslims, and Arabs who aren't Muslims too.

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  • "Arab" is what is known as a "pan-ethnic group" united mostly by the common use of the Arabic language. It is not in itself a nationality. Yes people in Saudi Arabia are Arabs, but so are most Egyptians. Although the vast majority of Arabs are Muslims, not all are. "Iranian" is of course a nationality. Iran is a country and the nationality of those who live there is "Iranian." These people are Persians and use the Persian language (Farsi).

    • Thanks. But is it not true that Iran used to be called Persia? Is what i hear from my Iranian friends.

    • Yes, what is now Iran used to be Persia, going back millennia.

    • thanks for MH Guy opinion!

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  • Same difference between arabs and westerns , well we arw different in every possible way , they are the Persians and we are the arabs big cultural difference

  • Iranian have a different cultural and ethical heritage. They are also called persian.

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