Just want an honest opinion.. How does this text sound?

"XXX. in order not to have any misunderstandings, and clear things, let me explain. I did ask your home address to my cousin because I was thinking in sending you by mail a Get well card as a friend gesture and because it was a surprise, that us why I did not ask you for the address directly and I ant see any problem in asking my cousin for the address as he is your best friend. Otherwise I sure would have spoken to you.
I acknowlege I was not honest with you for not consulting you first when I should had have, I never meant to cause you any inconvenient. To my cousin the only personal information I asked about you was the address. I as well wants us to keep as friends, you were always a nice easy going guy".

If you ever happen to read this, Do you think it sounds mature, immature, convincing, understandable, apologeitc, etc etc.


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  • Wait, so what happened? Did you get upset at someone for sending you a "Get Well" card because they got your address from your cousin?

    • Moreor less yes but It was not me the one who got upset but my cousin and the person who were supposed to receive the card by surprise. The thing is that I wanted to send a card to a so called friend who suffered a almsot tragic traffic accident in January, he broke pelvis, tibia and perone from one leg. But until March I found out about the accident he is recoverung and I heard much better. So since I dont know where the guy lived for me the easy way to find out was through my cousin as my cousin is this guy best friend. So then I asked my cousin for the address and told him (everything was done by text) that I wanted to send a card to his buddy if he happen to have an address. First my cousin seemed not to eager to help so he told me : Ohh the accident was in January he is much better now. Then I texted my cousin back and told him "Ohh the thing is that I bought a card already so if you find me an address."Two days later my cousin replied me and told me " I do not know how to give.

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    • The guy finally answered me and this was his answer

      Relax (he mentioned my whole name here)
      -Cool ( here he meant like Do not worry it is ok)
      Thanks anyway
      Take care

    • You know how men are people of few words I have to explain my side of the story and probably his text to my apology meant Im assuming of course he wanted to tell me something quicky and that's all.

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