Will I grow more body hair?

I'm 17, I'll be 18 in October I've been through puberty (Well most of it, I think anyways) I barely have leg hair and the leg hair I do have is patchy, thin, soft, and blonde so you can barely tell I have any. I don't have as much arm hair as my friends do what I do have is like my leg hair except light brown. Barely any under arm hair, no facial hair, and a lot of my friends have hair on their chest and/or stomach and I've met girls with more stomach hair than me. My little brother (22 month difference) also has more hair than me. Am I possibly going to grow more in the future or is this pretty much it?


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  • Yeah. You're still young


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  • It's hard to say. Why so concerned?
    There are a lot of women that love guys with almost no hair, but others that like hairy 'teddy bears'!!
    Don't worry about it, and just don't pay too much attention to it. See what happens. You might still be changing/growing, even into your early 20's!!
    Maybe more hair, maybe that's it. Work with what you have. Don't try to be someone else, or think you need to be one way or another. Just be you, and make your own way with whay you have.

    • I kinda feel like my friends are more manly because they have hair.
      Yea I know.
      Thank you I appreciate it, I'll work on living your advice through instead of just reading it. It just has a lot to do with little confidence.

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    • @ZenithDawn I have no facial hair.

    • well you said you feel less manly since your friend have hairier bodies. a hairy body doesn't make you a man a Great beard and a fist under it does.

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  • Damn fucking tried with me lol no fare


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  • Lol I'd love that man I shave almost my whole body because hair hides muscle definition.

    • I don't want to be hairy hairy, but I'd like to look like I at least went through puberty

  • Yes you will