You walk past a house and notice the blinds open far enough to see someone (opposite sex) naked in shower, they can't see you. To peep or not to peep?

I've left the blinds open enough so I can be seen changing or toweling off in the shower.. I've always wondered what women would do/think if they saw me. I always pretend to be oblivious to being exposed.. thanks for participating in my poll, please "like" if you, well like the question. :)

  • Look away quickly and erase image from your mind forever
  • Take a quick peek and keep on walking
  • Stop and get a good look, being careful not to be seen
  • Pretend to keep walking back and forth to peek and enjoy the show
  • Stop and watch, not caring if they see you or not
  • Other: please explain what you would do
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How about if the person is SUPER HOT?
Last chance to join the poll, I'm shutting her down soon. Tell us about your "caught masturbating" story..


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have actually been in these situations more than once since I am the only staff at the gym during closing.

    When the gym closes there are sometimes one guy still showering and I have to wait until he leaves so that I can lock up the gym.
    Females are allowed to walk into male locker rooms at this time if there are no male workers present. Usually I just call out from outside the door or listen to water sounds to know if anyone's still in there. If I hear that someone is in the shower I'm usually allowed to enter the locker room to clean (outside of his shower cubicle of course).

    I've been on that duty for about a year and then I don't know one day I just got really curious when I was cleaning in the male locker rooms with a bodybuilder showering in the cubicle next to me. Plus there are no CCTV nor other people/workers around.

    The good thing about the gym shower cubicles is that the doors are all curtains... For a few weeks I have snuck into the male locker rooms and spied through the side of the curtain when the muscular guys are showering lol.

    I feel really guilty when doing this so I always cover their doodle with my finger when I look through the curtain. That way I'm seeing his entire body EXCEPT his private part.

    I promise I have not seen any guy's doodle yet. But two days ago I did record someone with my phone without looking at the screen or looking at him 'down there'. If I want to watch the video I would probably get my friend to censor it first because he'd be so embarrassed if he ever found out lol. I already turn bright red when I see every other part of his body during his shower as it is

    • come on, how do you know where to put your finger if you don't see, if just for a second, his "doodle?" Do you get turned on? What about guys walking out when you're in there cleaning, has that happened?

    • Haha you can sort of estimate, silly :P. Don't have to see first

      Most of the time when guys walk out they're already wrapped in a towel so I don't see anything!
      But this one time when my back was turned a guy walked out completely nude but before I saw he covered himself down there with his hands or else that would have been really bad for him... lol his towel was around his neck instead because he thought no one was in there.

What Girls Said 4

  • I've experienced that once. I was in one apartment building, in the stairwell, and could see a guy showering in his apartment in another building across the road. He was behind a frosted-glass shower door, but I could tell he was vigorously masturbating. Never seen a guy work so hard at it. His whole body was bent over and he kept bracing himself against the wall. It's hard not to look when you see something like that. :)

    • were you turned on?

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    • Do you think he knew you were watching? Did he "allow himself to be seen" on purpose?

    • I doubt it was on purpose. It was only possible to see him from a stairwell, probably only on that one floor.

      At around the same time that happened I used to come in from exercising and stand in front of my window AC, naked, at a big plate glass window, on the 10th floor of my building, and in that case you could say I was allowing myself to be seen on purpose. :)

  • I wouldn't be looking through people's windows in the first place

  • It depends. If he' hot and young i would look but not make it too obvious or creepy. If it was an old ugly fat man then i'd look away quickly and bleach my eyes.

    • like maybe if you're walking the dog you "stop to let him sniff.."? OK, middle age guy, but athletic body, hung..

  • Look away and pretend I didn't just see that.

    • What if they are super hot? Big dick? Would anything get you to look?

    • It doesn't matter. I like hot guys, but I'd just feel embarrassed, and I don't think it's right to invade someone's privacy like that.

    • What if you thought, or they were, doing it on purpose, purposely getting "caught" unexpectedly.. they know, but pretend its an honest blooper. Get it? Does that matter?

What Guys Said 1

  • Ewww girls are icky

    • Ok, so its a guy.. then what?

    • If im not in a relationship id peep a bit an see if he is my type if he isn't i just move on. if its my type [femboy :3] i will prob stay or a bit xD

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