So now I have to help take care of twins?

My boyfriends Sister was arrested for possession of narcotic's and she is going to lose custody of her 7 month old twins and his other sister can't afford to take care of them so now we have to. Their names are Stacy and Kacy and they are going to be here in a few hours. :l i dont know what to do and my boyfriend isn't thrilled but he is happily accepting them into his house and im worried because i dont know how to take care of a baby especially 2 baby girls. Any advice on what i should go for them what foods what daipers clothes and etc? :( im freaking out.

twins are finally here an <3<3<3 they have the most beautiful blue eyes :D


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  • Google is your best friend when it comes to needing to know this kind of thing. :D


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  • dammm. . . What a situation. Just go for whatever is in your price range. When it comes to diapers you might want to get one with a wetness indicator

    other then that all you need is wipes/creams and oil and that's about it

    Milk/formula for their age is what you need to get

    P. S. in my opinion I think you're too gay


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  • just buy some baby food and diapers. and some baby stuff, i know you must be freaking out and its ok, just dont try to worry that much

  • I recommend adoption.

    • my boyfriend is on the phone right now working on getting custody of them