I get offended when someone deletes me from snapchat?

Am I the only one? I used to snap with this guy but I just let it fade because sometimes I don't feel like keeping it up. He sent me a snap but I didn't reply so he deleted me? I'm offended. I was going to send him a snap but okay... That went fast. I wish I wouldn't be bother by something so small but I am.


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  • Meh.

    How old are you?

    It's just a moment of mutual panic, guilt, and animus. That'll quickly subside, and you'll go about your lives. Who knows, maybe you'll both end up forgetting the whole thing. You might even friend one another again. And so the cycle continues.



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  • Why are you offended? You didn't reply back. By that same logic, don't you think he was offended too because you didn't reply back to him? Anyways who cares.

    • Yes but I didn't reply back once. Fragile ego much?

    • You are offended because a guy who you didn't reply back to on Snapchat deleted you. Fragile ego much?

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  • Yeah, you're the only one that gets offended. It's not even a big deal. People are dying, and you're worried about snapchat.