What would be ways to tell someone does heroin?

My friend is obsessed with these guys she's known since high school and to me they just use her for sex, her car and money yet she doesn't see it that way. To her these guys are her best friends and she'll do anything for them. She tells me all their drama, the drugs these guys do, about how they steal things, etc and yet she hangs out with them almost daily. I try so hard not to talk to her about this stuff because if I were to say anything she'd go off on me and make up lies and call my work and tell them I'm addicted to pills and I can't really afford to lose my job over her nonsense so I stay quiet. It just bothers me because I want so badly to get married and have kids and that is yet to happen and she is married and has 2 kids yet all she cares about are these junkies, what drugs she can get and where the next party is. I get it not everyone wants to have kids but it's too late it already happened and they need to be her concern not the drugs.
Mom curious on how to know or what signs a person would show if they were doing heroin. I really hope she isn't doing it but the last few times I've seen her she has these sores on her arms and legs and first it was just 1 and now she's got about 10 sores total. it didn't really register to me that she could be doing this until last time I saw her and noticed more sores on her. I plan to talk with her but unless I straight up catch her she will deny that she does it and it will just cause issues if I try to say something without proof. Just need to know what I should be looking for like how she'll act and what not.


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  • she is already a user her actions give it away anb how you say she would lie to you is a sure sign of her using and she probably steal as well. you need to vut ties with her tell your boss atwork or some one close to your boss whats going and what your freind is doing.

    so he will know what to expect from this person. you need to smarten up before you get hurt from her stupidity. she is gonna loose her family all drug addicts do in the end and live on the streets selling them selves for drug money. there is never a happy ending in drugs and there never will be.

    • Thank you. She is already banned from all the stores near her house because she shoplifts so bad and has been getting caught recently so we know to watch our belongings around her. I hope for the kids sake she either straightens up and is there for them or give them up so she doesn't hurt them but I doubt she'll straighten up because her son will be 4 and she's still doing this stuff.

    • thats sad and its gonna get worse some moms have sex in front of the kids if thier hooked bad enough. not saying she is but that kids not going to have a healthy childhood.

  • Track marks, black blotches, shaky hands, fidgety, scratching constantly, nausea, doesn't eat, slow breathing, waxy skin, and the smallest pupils you'll ever see.

    Add in a blackened spoon and/or syringes and that's concrete evidence of a heroin addict.

    p. s. although some inject it between their toes or burn it in a pipe to avoid track marks and blotches so it's not quite as noticeable.


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  • If she's a heroin user she really needs help as soon as possible. It's not something which you just tell them off and they'll think about it for a bit, maybe they may want to stop, but they can't because heroin has those withdrawal symptoms. She'll absolutely has to go to rehab. In some states they allow forced rehab but it'll have to come from a spouse or a family member, so you'd have to contact them yourself. I know you probably don't want to get involved, however heroin WILL end up destroying both her and her family, might even put you at risk for trouble if you work with her, and heroin is life threatening.
    You can tell your boss you're worried that your co worker might be on drugs or doing heroin.

    Only problem with heroin users is that if they don't want to change, they never will. She may be a lost cause and she may not be. It's hard to judge when they are on the drugs, it makes you lie, cheat, steal, and god knows what. Either way it's worth a try but always tell anyone you're talking to to keep your name confidential.