Will I feel pain during my nasal bump removal surgery with local anesthesia?

I have a small bump (not a hump according to my PS) on my nose and a good tip. My PS said local for my removal. He would rasp the hump down and cut out any of the cartiledge and possibly an osteotomy if needed. He has rest assured me that he has done it before and that he would not do it if it was too painful for his patients. I can deal with the initial stinging senstation. Or excruciating?


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  • No. Tip work is actually what causes most of the swelling and pain. With the bump, he's just going to use a rasp and kee going back and forth over it until the bump is lowered. You should be fine.

    • Have you had this done before? :) to be honest - it is refreshing receiving logical answers rather than hate.

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    • I need your help. Please answer this! I just had it done and this happened.. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2005034-uneven-nostrils-after-hump-removal-surgery-why

    • Thank you !!

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  • There is the initial sting of the first injection before the local starts to take hold, but there should be no pain during the procedure. There might be feelings of prodding, tugging etc, but no pain.

    It wil be painful afterwards when the local wears off. Discuss with him beforehand pain management for after the procedure.

    I am talking from experience of having a suspect mole removed from my neck under local and an ab repair done under general. For the latter, I was home the same day.

    • Thanks! I'm just confused because I have also have had a mole removal under local and I felt no pain, just tuggling exactly like you described. Then I cosmetically had fat injected into my face to give the baby appearance and every time he lipsuctioned it from my thigh to my face, it stung so bad. His reply was that it is "hard to numb the whole face" valid? I just hope that my nose will be completely numb.

    • I am thinking it would be a bit like the numbness when you have a filling in a tooth, if you've ever had one. It makes the nose and lips quite numb. Which is why they tell you not to have a hot drink until it's all worn off. Otherwise you can scald your lips! However, this will be directed at your nose, so should be fine.

  • yes obviously


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  • You might feel pain afterwards but it's nothing a few pain killers won't help woth