Are there any song that remind you of your grandparents?

There are 3 songs that instantly come to mind for me.

for my dads mum its forever autumn by justin hayward.

For my dads dad it has to be thunder child, which ironically is the next song after forver autumn.

for my mums dad it has to vincent bu don mclean

my mums mum is still alive and she doesn't seem to listen to music. she does like eastenders though, which is a British soap :p


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    My gramp's the sort of man who can flirt with a young 23 something waitress in front of his wife and get away with it because the great journey is coming and he wants the best seat on the number 9 train :P
    Rest his soul.


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  • Mom's apple pie and Running out of lies lol

  • old french song cause it's what they listen to always


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