Should I not be doing this?

So culturally, a woman and a man should not have sex before marriage, blah blah lol.
My parents still think this way.

Now, I am engaged to the best man ever. And I sometimes sleep over at my in-laws (my man still lives at home for now) and his room is in the basement. So yes.. I sleep beside him (we don't do the deed though, just go straight o bed..).

His mom is very chill, she doesn't care. I dont think his dad knows or would really care that much either.

But my parents think I sleep beside his sisters or on the couch or something. Lol. This whole culturual thing has me confused, because to me its not a big deal.

Now... is it okay to not tell some things to your parents because they just won't understand?


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  • you didn't do anything wrong, u can sleep near your fiance without telling ur parents. lose the guilty conscious bc ur like a dream child lmao

    • lmao girl this guilty conscious is killing me tho ahaha
      thank you love

  • Yes. My parents always thought me and my guy slept separately hahah.
    Aaaand flipped their shit when we moved in together.
    So, them not knowing now certainly is better.

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