Is waist-to-hip ratio important to be considered hot to you?

  • Very
  • Fairly
  • Not at all
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  • Yes, very important. The more drastic the difference, the hotter it is - up until a certain point of looking fake. Sort of the way women view guys with muscles.

    But luckily for you, it is very uncommon for a woman to have a downright unattractive hip-waist ratio. For most women it is natural to have hips that are considerably wider than her waist - It is a symbol of fertility - and a very feminine feature. Just as narrow hips are a very masculine feature.

    All it takes is a somewhat minimal difference between waist and hip for a woman to be considered attractive - so it shouldn't worry you.

    • I have pretty narrow hips, so what would that make me?

    • @Pilulu It has nothing to do with how subjectively wide your hips are, I'm talking about RATIO - the difference between the width of your waist and the width of your hips. It doesn't matter how "narrow" your hips are, because im betting that your waist is even narrower in comparison - and that can be attractive.

      So what I'm saying is that you can be attractive no matter how narrow your hips are AS LONG as your waist is even thinner. If your waist is by any chance wider than or the same width as your hips, it is probably because your waist has too much fat on it. Which is an easy fix if you do core workouts.

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  • Very.


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  • I think it is

  • Definitely! 36-28-46 I love my pear shape! ;)