Have you ever had a soft toy you really liked even as an adult? This is mine?


It's a baby belle doll. I have the same one, which I got when I was 16. She's just so cute I still have a bit of an attachment to it and sleep with it when I'm lonely.


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  • Cute. 😊
    I have two. A monkey beanie baby named Bongo I grew up playing with, and something from the Chobits manga. I never cuddle with them, but both are important to me so I keep them for memories. 🙂

    • Aww that's cute.

      I never had soft toys I was that into as a baby. You know how kids love soft toys to keep them company, I didn't really have one that I was always with. I sometimes wish I had. Everyone has all these stories and pictures about their soft toys.

      I had this fat doll with a bucket of clothes I used to make her wear. I don't think that really counts lol.

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    • That's really sweet lol no one ever played with me I'd have to force my sister or emotionally blackmail her to play with my dolls. It must've been nice to have a younger sister to play with.

      I remember telling my cousins I had put my dolls in a box and not to look at it because they were not wearing clothes and he got this nasty smile and anyways opened the box to look at the dolls, much to my distress -_-. It's funny how much girls love their dolls

    • She's a bit older than me, actually. But ya, we have always loved each other very much.
      I do have a little sister now, but not at the time, and she only wants to play board games. lol (She's ultra annoying most of the time, but still very clearly loves me, and I love her back.)
      I have a brother that's a bit younger than me, and we had fun all the time! Except now he's had pretty bad depression for a good number of years now... It's pretty clear he still loves us, just not himself. As for my cousins, thankfully none seem pervertive at all. lol

      So, ya. Everyone in my family loves each other. 😊

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  • If you are not sure and you are other than female it is a bit weird

    • I always thought from when I was a little boy that if a guy is willing to stand in the rain naked stabbed and stoned just to get his girl back he must really love her

    • And call that a bargain the best he ever had

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  • Probably not the kind you're thinking of...

    • Is that you in your profile pic?

      It surprised me when I realized you were actually pretty good-looking.

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    • Really? Adult women like soft toys?

    • Not really soft for the women toys, haha.

  • I did but it was stolen a few years ago.


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  • Only my dildos.

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