Spanish speakers?

I can't find what the word "pecos" means. I used google translator to no avail.
I'm asking because there's a street named "pecos way" I never thought much of it until we now have "pecos league baseball"
Thanks for your help.


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  • It's a river, apparently. This is what comes up if you google it in Spanish: "Río del SO de E. U. A. Nace en la sierra de Sangre de Cristo (Nuevo México), penetra en Texas y se une al río Grande; 1 490 km".

    • It's also a proper name. Look up Pecos Bill (fictional character).

    • I saw the part about the "río Grande" but I don't live close to that river. How many names can you come up with for streets? Maybe the Picos baseball league originated in New Mexico?
      Thanks for helping.

    • "The new league was formed and the league was called the Pecos League. Named after the Pecos River which Ran from Clovis to Del Rio".

      I found the info here: pecosleague. com

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  • Pecos is not a Spanish word.

    Peco, pecosos and pecas are words.

    Might it be named after the Pecos Indian tribe?
    Etymology here:

    • Good point. I live in the desert southwest (USA) & I assumed it was a Spanish word because a lot of are streets have Spanish meanings.

    • It is likely to be a Hispanicised version of the Indian word.

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  • it is just a proper noun no meaning behind it

    • Sounds feasible. I live in the desert southwest. I noticed it was refereed to a a tributary of the río Grande but that's nowhere near hear.

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  • The actual origin of the name "Pecos" is debated. It's mostlikely derived from the Latin word "pecus," which means "a singlehead of cattle." However, others argue that it comes from theSpanish verb "pecar," which means to sin or do wrong. This beliefis substantiated by the use of "pecos" as a verb in the late 19thcentury. Cattlemen and farmers referred to something being stolenas a "pecos swap." For the less fortunate, "to pecos" someone meantto murder him. And yet another source claims the river is namedafter the Spanish word "pecoso" which means "freckled." (They neverexplain how a river can look "freckled.")