He quit smoking, but vaping almost seems worse?

My boyfriend finally quit smoking and I was so thankful because it gave me headaches and I just couldn't stand the smell or being around it. And I was worried for his health too.
He also left his trash and butts everywhere
Now it's only been about a month and he's replaced it with vaping with a box mod. At first it was ok but now it's just obnoxious. He's always filLing the room with smoke and blowing it at me. And he won't shut up about all the flavors he buys trying to get me to try them out.
He makes it a point to try and vape when we go into somewhere like a store saying that there's no sign prohibiting it so there's nothing wrong with it.
He basically condemns anyone smoking saying how bad it is for them and how they should quit. Even though he hasn't been quit for that long. He started doing that only a few days after he quit.
He acts like the know-all God of vaping.
I've told him how proud I am of him quitting cigarettes I even took him out for a nice dinner to celebrate. But he's just getting too carried away with trying to act trendy and like he's better than everyone. I've tried talking to him and ignoring it but it's ridiculous
I don't know the whole vaping trend is just getting on my nerves


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  • He's used to having something in his mouth, so he's exhanged the cigarettes for the vapes. At the very least, he'll need time. Vaping is just vapour, so at least it's not inhaling black death into his lungs.

    If it's really as irritating as you're making it to be, tell him.. but he may get hurt, since quitting smoking, is a big deal. I'm guessing it's his attitude you're annoyed with though..


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  • quitting cigarettes is good, but vaping is not healthy. If it helped him to quit cigarettes then that's good, but he should try to quit vaping. There's still chemicals in it, even if it's different chemicals than the ones in cigarettes. And smoking anything is not good for your throat/lungs.


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  • Vaping is worse for you