Why do people think it's okay to make statements like you come from money?

I get this from people if they drop me off to my house sometimes. They're like wow you have a nice home, you must come from money. Today I told two of my employers to come to my job, because we were going to go to New York to work at another store for a day. The girl made a comment about me coming from money and I had s nice house. She was looking at my backyard and she was like that's like my dream backyard. I always thought it was rude to talk about other people's money.
Why do people think this is okay?

And other things that people say to me is you look like you come from money. Mostly guys say that part. It's random men. They just say things like oh girls like you come from wealthier part of towns, or you must live in a better part. I always ask why would you say that? They just say I can tell.


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  • Deal wit it. Tell them the truth. No reason to be offended if its the truth.

    • It's just rude to mention money

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    • Then they get mad or make a stink face

    • Little secret: im a trust fund kid. When people ask me how i live, i have to tell them the truth. Some people respond with "fuck you". And i just smile and remember that I've got shit pretty nice, and i move on or change the subject. Life goes on.

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  • Saying someone comes from money sounds rude. But just saying "that's like my dream backyard" well that just sounds like a genuine compliment


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