I aim to save 10 000 $ by next June. Should I rent a cheaper short term lease apartment, or Much nicer long term lease for twice as much?

Once I've saved up I'll have regular income so the higher rent won't be a big deal, and if I don't take it now I'll lose it. And it's a beautiful apartment.

Howrver, the short term apartment is only one jakf the price. With a roommate it will get me to my goal in half a year instead of a year. I will not mind a roommate bc it's short term. The nicer one I won't want a roommate bc it's long term.

I'm in theater and I'm getting my teeth fixed. So sooner the better.


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  • A year is not a long time. You get to put a check mark on your list and you won't have to deal with pesky roommate.


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  • If you're thinking long-term and affording the nicer apartment is in your budget, then get that one. Yes you take longer to save, but overall you have the home you want and that's another goal you've completed, rather than look for another apartment when you've save more because you aren't happy where you are.

    • Yeah it does make sense just needed to hear it from someone other than myself... Thanks:)

    • Happy to help.