Am I going to end up okay in life?

I have a business degree from a good without being excellent school.

Initially I was doing super well, (high B+ average which is considered pretty good for my program). Over-time, my family life caught up to me and I fucked it up.

There's a backstory where I'm hardly to blame, but it doesn't matter. What matters is the end result is it's fucked up. Now it's a B average overall, with much better grades in my 4th year, (A, A-, A-, C, C+, B-, B+, A-, B, A).

Am I going to be okay? I always feel this fear I'll end up nowhere.


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  • Yes.

    • Why is your answer so brief lol. I remember you... you're the accountant who is also a lawyer, yes?

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    • Thanks either way.

      Will most firms care about my GPA? Do you think my 4th year grades are good enough for me to list them?

    • As I am not an HR person I can't say. I know that most of the business world will not give half a damn though. They will be more interested in what you did and do than a sheet of paper; an A student who sat at home is less useful than a B student who volunteered and participated in the local city council, etc.

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  • You're doing better. I'm sure it'll be ok. Grades aren't everything

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