Now how am I supposed to get rid of those fake sunglasses someone gave me?

Gave me... well not exactly.

Thing is, I’ve been fooled twice this month (see here ) . I feel like an idiot.

So here’s what happened again. It was noon and I was out on the street. Suddenly a guy came out of a bakery I was happening to pass by, and shouted at me “Hey pal may I ask you something?”

“Huh What is it?” I replied.

He pulled some sunglasses out of his pocket and said “Are you interesting buying those sunglasses?”

“No thanks.” I said

Him: “Wait a minute. Let me tell you first how much I gave for those. 107 Euros”.

Me: ­­­“WHAT? ­­­They’re fake.”

Him: “What are you talking about? I paid 107 for them.”

Me: “Anyway I don’t want.”

Him: “Please. I want to eat something. I have 2 kids at home and I want to feed them as well.”

Me: “But you’re eating right now!” (He was eating something from the bakery, indeed)

Him: “Please I want to feed my kids I mean.”

Me: “But I don’t have anything on me!”

Him: “I don’t believe you. Everyone says that. For 10 Euros I’ll give you those sunglasses.”

Me: “Very well. Give me the Sunglasses.” (He gave them to me, and I gave him 5 Euros)

Him: “What’s that? Please give me other 5.”

Me: “Ooooooh here you go.” (I gave him other 5)

Him: “Thanks pal!” (He left)

Me: “OK Bye bye.”

Now how am I supposed to find someone who’s more stupid than me to sell those damn sunglasses for 10 Euro as well? I want to outsmart someone, not only being outsmarted.

So please tell me what the fuck I should say in order to sell those fake glasses. Not that I care much for 10 Euros, but I want to get rid of those shitty glasses and never feel like an idiot again.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Try pawn them off on some tourists. Vacationers are laid back to check if the glasses are branded or to argue with you about the quality of something.


Most Helpful Guy

  • How about what he said. It worked on you

    • I don't think I could pass like someone who has 2 kids. I'm 24-25 although I've been told I look like 18-19. It's possible but hard for someone to buy it.

    • I had two kids at your age

What Girls Said 2

  • or you could just give them to like a second hand store

  • Or just throw them away if it bothers you so much

    • Throw them away = Lose 10 Euros for nothing.

What Guys Said 1

  • Something tells me you'd end up with another pair of sunglasses while trying to sell this pair.