Why am I so desperate😟 help?

I know I don't need a girlfriend to be happy but lately I keep getting little panic attacks that I'm never going to get a girlfriend and I'm going to grow old an die alone, and I'm shy wallflower too so that doesn't help😭


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  • Are you doing anything to meet girls and change your status?

    • Tbh, no I just keep getting more thirsty and I keep asking my friends if they'll introduce me to some girls and they always say no😅😅😭

  • With reards to the confidence fake it till you make it and try to find girls that are also shy. It helps to research how woman flirt as well it is a lot more subtle than you think and most want the guy to make the first move. Somthing so simple as a smile across a room may be an idication that someone finds you attractive and even staring at you only to look away when you catch them may also be a sign of attraction. There are so many women in the world and according to what it says you still have plenty of time just enjoy the single life in the meanwhile. According to my guy friends it often helps to have a wingman


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