How would you describe each character?

1. Evan has a lot of friends and she dose her fair share of partying and going out but she also spends time reading the bible and praying she also wears vibrant colors a lot

2. Luke is quiet he's more of a loner and he likes to draw and read in his spare time he dosent let people know much about his life he wears a lot of darker color clothes

3. Cali she is your stereotypical popular/party girl everyone knows who she is and she spends her free time partying and trying to grow her social media accounts she only wears expensive clothes

4. Codi she smokes a lot of weed and she reads a lot of books she likes to collect stones and she has a small group of friends that she's loyal to she has more of a modern day hippie/grunge look

5. Adam he spends his time skateboarding and smoking weed he goes out with his friends and parties he's always finding a way to make quick easy and fast money his wardrobe consists of skate style clothing


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. fake religious
    2. emo nerd
    3. has ulterior motive
    4. hippie yogi
    5. sk8er stoner with money obsession who will end up dealing drugs


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1 an optimistic extrovert (though her name is confusing, I've never met a girl named Evan could be related to number 2, but also could just live in the same neighborhood)
    2 a pessimistic introvert (to much of a stereotype, comes from a good family, really doesn't have much to be brooding over but he broods anyway)
    3 obviously an extrovert but also a very flat character (I imagine she comes from a upper middle class family, one who on the outside seems healthy, but on the inside is a mess, I also imagine she probably deals with depression and feelings of inadequacy)
    4 an introvert (again kind of a stereotype, I think her mom is young, wants to be her sister/friend, but is very nurturing, the fathers probably not in the picture)
    5 an extrovert (makes me think of Tony hawk pro skater I see him as 3's younger brother)

    I think you have a good start here, you just have to flesh them out a but more. What are some of their flaws, interests/hobbies, what are somethings that you wouldn't expect about them?


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  • Very stereotypical and flat.


What Guys Said 3

  • 1. Little bitch
    2. Little bitch
    3. Big bitch
    4. Little bitch
    5. Pot dealer

  • 1. boring dyke
    2. school shooter
    3. school slut
    4. hipster stoner
    5. pot dealer

  • They all sound like stereotypical white people