Confusing for sure, could it ever happen again. telling him how I feel?

We were great together had a lot in common and wants for the future. He was like me in guy form. We had a blast exploring new places and looked forward to new adventures this summer, such as his famileis beach house and maybe taking a trip. He was struggling to find a job in March and fell into a lot of stress. He closed himself off and when April came around he told me he felt like we were not connecting anf he was not feeling what he thought he should which I find super weird because they were good before he fell into stress. I accepted the bu but was very sad and still am. He has initiated contact since then. Seeing how I am and seeing what I am doing etc. We had sex twice. Something that I dont want to do but it happend. I want to be in the relationship and do that with him so I am thinking of telling him how I feel and what I want and see what would happen. Has anyone ever had this sort of thing happen to them? what was the outcome? I want a 2nd chance and for some reason I feel like there can be one but I don't know how to go about doing that. I guess just say either this or this. He is not the type of guy to use someone like that but i guess I was for now. He still contacts me during the week and weekends not asking for that so im not sure. From a guys perspective how would I go about this and do you think there is a chance?


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  • Nope not a chance. Drop him and move on


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