A man that's too sensitive?

I have been to myself and lonely most of my life, because deep down I am a very sensitive man, and people that have known me told me this too many times even women. It might be part of the reason why I have lost friends, family members, and girls. How do I get this under control, so I can stop taken everything so seriously? Also might have to do with the fact I get bullied all the time. Starting to take its toll on me.


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  • I am a girl whos been sensitive all my life.. i cry over little things.. and i agree that its linked with bullying as i was bullied at a very young age just for being me. People thought they could take advantage of my soft personality. To help i do things which i find fun, and watch things which im going to laugh at like funny videos or tv shows. I also just think about other people who are in worse situations in the world, as it helps me to stop thinking about myself all the time..

    • there's nothing wrong with being sensitive, its just that u need to control it when it gets too much

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    • Wow I can relate to everything your saying. I try to get over it myself, but it isn't easy. I haven't told nobody about this either, because I don't want to look like a baby know what I am sayin? Been made fun of and called a bitch by too many people and friends...

    • And I really am not. The struggle is real lol.

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