Who wants to play a name game?

Not really. What names do you find most attractive? What names do you find least attractive? What names are too common?


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  • I always preferred by far how female names sound, and my favorite name of all time is Lily, it's simple, yet sounding great. That's also my girlfriend's name, I have no idea where that luck came from, but that's just perfect.

    The least attractive in my opinion is also a female name which is Genevieve, I always hated how that name sounded.

    Names that are too common, well, like Amy, John, Sarah, Jack. They're not necessarily boring or bad, but the fact that these are too common removes the sense of originality. You might say Lily is also a common name, but personally I've only met 2 "Lily" in my life, compared to 12 "Amy", 6 "John", about 20 "Sarah" the list goes on..


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