Would you pay for your dog to just get a bath without a hair cut?

I'm not talking an actual grooming, like getting its fur clipped. I'm talking a simple shampoo and rinse. Let's say you could get

Option A: A shampoo and rinse for $5
Option B: A shampoo, rinse, and blow-dry for $10
Option C: A shampoo, rinse, blow-dry, and nails clipped for $15

Would you choose any of those options for your dog? Or do you prefer to do simple stuff like that yourself and just take your dog to the groomer when it needs an actual cut?

  • Yes, I would get Option A for my dog
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  • Yes, I would get Option B for my dog
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  • Yes, I would get Option C for my dog
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  • Yes, I would get any of the available options for my dog depending on what it needs at the time
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  • No, I can just do those things myself
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  • I love giving my dog a bath. I'd pay to have him trimmed but I can do the rest.

  • I'd pay for a bath because I can't stand the smell of wet dogs, even tho I love them

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