What is better? One check in one place? Or two separate checks?

two companies one of them I work most hrs and the other only like once or sometimes twice a week but I'm confuse on what is better normally I get two check separately since its two different places. But would you rather just do all your hrs in one place and get a just one total amount check or get two checks? Obviously one check is way Less than the other since I get pay biweekly in both but is it more or less money that way since I got to pay taxes (like we all do ) . It's the same pay in both places but I'm thinking of just taking one for just full time instead of going somewhere for just one day a week.. What makes more sense?


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  • If you can work full time at one place and make the same amount, then I would do that.


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  • It depends on the pay combined. I think two checks is better then one check.

    • Even if you worked full time at one would you make more money that way? If not I would stay at both places.

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    • Your very welcome. I also think it depends if you like both jobs. If you do then I would stay at both. But it's a very tough decision. And I also think it depends on how comfortable you are at both places to.

    • Thank you very much for the upvote.

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