Who feels like they are dead/stopped caring already?

I do. nothing works for me. have a college diploma and many qualifications, can't get work in that field unless it's something a teenager could do. have many skills, that I could improve on, but nothing comes from that. I've kind of always felt like this, had okay friends in my childhood years, but they became shitty as high school rolled on and afterwards, so I cut them out. never had amazing social experiences, or girls to date or get involved with. social anxiety through the roof, except now I don't give a shit about girls that much. I have one friend that's a girl, but sometimes I don't know how to get her to do things with me outside of her place or outside of coffee or baking or talking about her.

I don't know I just feel like there is absolutely nothing in life that I can enjoy and besuccessful at, and it really bothers me because there is so much that I have missed in life, and so much that I have not liked about life. I feel like I have to have my own life, and live it my way.

anyways, anybody else feel like they are dead already?


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  • It's really hard for my to stop caring when the thing I've wanted most recently happened and I lost it but I've felt dead and long to be dead for a while now. My family are shitty people, I lost my baby, I don't have anyone, am depressed, have horrible anxiety and panic attacks, PTSD, I've been raped pretty much anything bad has happened to me. I really don't see much point in living just to get shit on over and over and never have anything good but sadly killing myself has a high fail rate and I've made the decision that suffering in silence is much better than to try and fail and have my family be even more awkward about things so here I am hating everything.

    • I really hope things start working out for you, and things get straightened out. You can try to find new friends and make a new life hopefully.

    • Thanks but I have no hope for it to get better. My anxiety is so bad and I'm terrified of people talking to me and going out in public alone so I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna continue to have a miserable life. I hope things start looking up for you and that your able to work through your issues.

    • Thanks!

      I think I have over the last few years. I started to go out alone, to movies, bars and concerts, then everywhere. I knkw some girls would be uncomfortable doing things alone like that, but you could do that stuff during the day. Plus you really only need obe friend, aan they can help you through stuff.

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  • since I was 16. Just stop giving a fuck about generally everything


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