Does he even like me if he didn't come to class?

There is this guy who seems a little intimidated of me. He kinda looks at me sometimes.

Anyways he was looking for a group and sorta looked toward me. I emailed the class asking if anyone was looking for a group. I thought I'd hear from him since he was also looking but I didn't.

The next day he didn't even come to class.

Now I'm serious about school but would a guy who liked a girl not take the chance to see her/get to know her? Probably doesn't even like me

Guys what do you think


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  • I don't see the correlation...

    • Wouldn't you want to come to class/try to talk to a girl if you like her? He doesn't see me anytime but then

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    • What do they put weight on, if not looks?

    • Looks only factor in on the approach... doesn't matter how good a girl looks, if she has a bitchy entitled attitude, or is an airhead, most guys will leave, and the remaining will just want to fuck only. Why let a good body go to waste right?
      Most guys are willing to forego most looks if the girl is actually worth it with personality. The ones that put looks above everything else... i don't blame them, its just that guy insecurity showing. gotta have "pretty" in order to feel "pretty".

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  • The poor guy might've gotten into a car accident, but you're worried about that?

    • Ha ha doubt it. He didn't email me about the group either.

      Plus last time too he walked out after half the class was over

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