Why only with one guy?

ok so I like my ex on and off since I first started liking him. First I liked him for about 2 months then I moved on, then a few months later I might of started liking him again for a few hours then went away, then I started liking him again end of April and dated him last month and fell in love with him more than anyone else and now after almost 2 weeks that we broke up my feelings are fading again. When I loved him I dreamed about him almost every night or every week. All I wanted to do was be with him both as a couple and in general cuz I missed him so much but now that he stopped cuddling me and all my feelings are fading. I'm just kind of the opposite with him than the other guys I loved/liked.


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  • No offense but I don't think what you're experiencing is love. Love is something much, much stronger; something that doesn't just "fade away" after a few weeks. I am very much in love with my girlfriend. We've been together for almost 6 years now. I think if she broke up with me or we couldn't be together anymore, I'd lose my will to live. I'd probably be totally depressed for the next 5 years or so. Maybe I'd even attempt to commit suicide.
    What you're describing sounds more like lust or maybe having a fancy for someone. I'm not saying that's wrong, it's just not really love.

  • so what seems to be your problem exactly?

    • I can't figure out why it's different for him than usual

    • because you will love each and everyone of your boyfriends differently from each other... know what i mean?

    • Yea it's just surprising that with him it's way different not just a little... Maybe it's just cuz he's the only one I dated

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